Magdalena L. Pulmans was born in Turnhout on May 25, 1951. Along with her identical twin sister, Rita, they were the eldest of the young family. After seven years the girls were joined by a baby sister named Vera. Magdalena's grandmother was a poet and her father, Louis, an was artist. It seems the apple does not fall far from the tree, as art was something Magdalena was born with. Unfortunately, when Magdalena was only ten, her beloved father died. He had just turned 40. Additionally, at the age of 24 she lost also her beloved mother. The confrontations she had with death and illness brought life to her passion for art. Magdalena explained: 'The strong urge and the challenge to make the invisable visable, became stronger and stronger. I am fascinated by mystics. I paint from my innerself, and that is my mental enrichment.' As a tribute to her father her stage name became Magdalena L ( the letter L from her father Louis). Magdalena started to paint when she was 16. In 1967 she started studying at the academy 'voor schone kunsten' in Turnhout. In 1971 she got married and she took a break from painting to bring up her three sons. She did take a private course with the famous artist Paule Nolens from Hasselt.After her children flew out of the warm nest, Magdalena picked up her painting again. At the age of 40 occurs a big change. The metaphor exist for inner reflection, pondering on her life, reflecting in a searching soul. Under the supervision of the great Jef Gysen, Magdalena paints her most beautiful creations. Over a very short time she paints more than 150 creations. Her Creations: The paintings are very extended in subject. Her creations are expressionist and stand out due to multiple expressions. Because she paints over the limits, she sets herself free from the established line of art. Magdalena explains: Because of the collectivity the development of one's own style fails to occur, and at times it is very hard to link the paintings from certain periods to the artist. I work different: My creations are intuitive, therefore they can be very different in style. For me art does not have to be related to a certain style. This makes me free. I can move in the direction I choose. This is a freedom every artist should be able to experience. Art work can be renewing. It is like life itself, an ever moving, growing process. Works of Magdalina L Pulmans can be viewed in private collections here as well as in foreign countries.
I invite everyone to take a look at my world of painting.
Together on a voyage of discovery, to find new worlds.
We are going to float through my world of abstracts and veileds, through sweet angels who gently touch your shoulder. They guide you into higher spheres, beyond the clouds, to find the inner peace.
In my world of thoughts we are going to participate in the bigger part of the cosmos, the creation, and the action of the light, the hierarchy of the universe.
Everything is vibration, also the colours I perceive and the impressions I receive and which I'll try to express as well psychically as emotionally